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Advocacy for More Trails

You enjoy the shared-use trails we are blessed with at Dryer Road Park.  To keep what you have and to promote off road trail use in other areas, you must become an advocate for this activity.  The power of one individual voice is great, but not if you are silent or passive.  You have opportunities to act as an individual, as a member of the trail use family and as an advocate to the greater community and its leaders for the development of shared-use trails.

How to be an advocate?

As an individual:

  • Ride and hike responsibly.  Obey the posted rules.  Don't poach where you are not (yet) allowed.
  • Stay on existing trails to maintain their integrity and sustainability
  • Don't hike or ride when the trails are wet.  It is dangerous and causes rutting and erosion
  • Be polite, respect others.  Say hello and introduce yourself to others
  • Be a maintenance "crew of one".  Stop to remove fallen branches.  Prune back branches and jaggers that can injure the next rider or puncture a tire

Joining other trail users:

  • Join GROC and/or other trail use associations and participate. There truly is power in numbers
  • Watch the web site for info to increase you awareness of cool and important events that may affect you, as well as opportunities to get involved
  • Volunteer for club activities, such as ,Trail building or maintenance workdays, Youth clinics Races
  • Invite friends and introduce them to riding and hiking, to share your passion

At the greater community level:

  • Be an advocate to promote trail use
    Attend public meetings on land use and recreation.  Speak up politely at these meetings to advocate
  • Utilize your connections to public officials
  • Write or phone these decision makers
  • Join our upcoming focused email campaigns to these decision makers
  • Run for office - change things from within!!



If you would like to make a donation directly to GROC please feel free to contact us directly
or use our PayPal donation option:

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