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GROC 2011 Survey results

 We did a online survey over the last month and I thought you all would be interested in the results.

GROC is striving to continue its advocacy but also make sure to focus on the communities needs.

GROC was initially formed by a few very passionate individuals and 6 years later we now represent a much broader community and we need to adjust our role to better understand and support that community.

The feedback from this survey and from many individuals and business owners will help to focus GROC’s 2012 and 2013 plans.

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Please keep the feedback coming !

Jonathan Brown
President GROC




An expanded skills area at Dryer would be nice, and more diverse racing opportunities such as a

Super D or Enduro event


It is hard to say how GR0C represents the groups in #8 because I don't fall in those groups.

Keep up the great work. My friends and I have all returned to mountain biking this year and have

all benefited from the information provided. 3 of the 4 riders in our groupd joined Groc to stay on

top of the latest news and 2 of the 3 have joined the trail crew to help keep the trails rideable.

More special pricing at local bike shops for groc members. Consider expanding the groc focus to

beyond just mtn biking. Many members are also cyclocross and rodies. A cyclocross focused trail

would be great.


Would like to see GROC partner with the Highlander tour to promote & improve the number of MTBs

doing the Mountaineer tour.


Keep up the great work!!!


Keep expanding trails at current parks and add more parks to the list to keep the riding interesting.

To JB and the entire GROC Board, thanks for all of the time and effort you put in. The local cycling

community has really grown over the last few years, and GROC has played a large part in that.


more older age group classes at Fat Tire Race


I would like to see some focus on education, youth and environment. I think a big impact could be

made to especially involve inner city youth. Focus could be on bike safety, mountain bike skills

good city youth proximity to Tryon and BPW and the natural environment and trail stewardship.

I feel like GROC is doing a good job overall, but would like to see more events/happenings

supported, not just what they are into or what bike shops they go to. All off-road cycling events

are NOT being represented or supported in our area by GROC. This is something I think would

improve and attract more cyclist to the organization and sport. Thanks.


Would like to see some more intermediate to expert trails, better built jumps at Dryer (small does

not mean safer), members actually obey dog leash laws.


Clinics, hints, tips, tricks, etc. to help the beginner / novice rider become a better and safer rider.

More multi use trails would be excellent!


As a female rider, it would be great to have some more women group rides.



I am a marathon canoe racer who lives near West Bay and run and Snowshoe there. I met Adam

and Jon last fall and I and some other Forge Racing members helped out a little on the trails and we

got to know some of the MT Bikers a bit-a good group and a great job. i try to keep the trails clear

of dangerous fallen trees with my trusty saw.


I am not a paying member, in part due to lack of time available to participate and bike. I enjoy

getting the emails and will hopefully be more support and a paying member within the next year.


Keep doing what you do!


You are doing a phenomenal job!


I'm just rediscovering the joys of mtn biking. GROC is the best thing that has happened in the local

off road scene. I feel extremely fortunate to have a place like Dryer rd for riding.


Having ridden in Ecuador, where the mountain biking should be amazing, I can confidently say that

we have it better in our area. It's specifically due to GROC's efforts. We may not have the epic

vistas of Ecuador or the American west, but we have high quality trails and a great community that

I'm proud to be a part of.


first of all great job of opening doors and getting acceptance for MTB in the area! a forum would be

nice...yes I know tryon's forum. however it is a shops forum and I could see other shops not being

so interested in joining because of competition. A GROC site would be more neutral for the most

part. Just a thought....


Great job getting all of us riders organized and getting all kinds of useful work done. From trail

work to community organizing, GROC is doing what wasn't getting done...Thanks.


Thank you everyone involved for all your hard work. It is appreciated very much

Love the job you guys are doing, keep it up!!


My only suggestion is to make it easier to join online. Keep up the great work!

thank you for all of your amazing work. having places to ride that are legal that makes all the



i fought in iraq and afghanistan, but couldn't ride my bike in a park in monroe county...made me a

bit mad and sad at the same time.


How about a GROC snow biking event? Winter is coming :-( need something fun to get us through.

Keep pushing for equal trail use all over the area! Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!!!


We could really use trails over on the west side.


Would like to see the trail maintainence crews have more specific tasks rather than just random



The number of unleashed dogs at dryer rd is crazy I either almost run into them or get chased and

I ride at dryer 3 to 4 times a week


e-mail frequency is perfect! keep informing of trail work dates for public to attend. trail building

class or info would be great...sorry I missed Subaru related visit to this area (trail

maintain event) West Bay is amazing...who can I e-mail at parks commission to send my thanks

and praise. AND my Thanks to ALL at GROC!!




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