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Volunteers Corner

Volunteers are the only way that parks and trails we all enjoy are maintained and expanded. GROC asks for your help as advocates, but even more important is being evolved in the creation and management of trails. 

GROC manages 4 Parks in this area working with land managers, Dryer Road Park Victor NY, Ontario County Park, Ontario NY, Tryon Park and West Bay Park in Rochester NY.

Tryon Park and West bay park are the first legal trails in Monroe’s county parks as it has been illegal to ride a bike in any of the 21 Monroe County parks. GROC with the help of Bike shops and the community worked with legislators and Monroe County Parks department to change the law and get an 18th month trial in 2 parks (Tryon Park, West Bay) and the trial will start at the beginning of this season. In 2010 we put over 3,000 volunteer hours into the parks we manage and have done so over the last 4 years.





  • Keep up to date on the projects you are interested in
  • Join us at meetings involving your park lands and there usage
  • Write to your representatives and let them know that inclusive policies are the right thing to do








GROC Chapter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol


Other Like Minded Groups you can support


Friends of Webster Trails (Town of Webster Parks look for location prior to date)
            A great park system and organization please support them join FWT (


Victor Hiking Trails 
Various projects within the Town of Victors’ shared-use trail network.
A great trail network and a great organization please support VHT go to the VHT website for info at (




If you would like to make a donation directly to GROC please feel free to contact us directly
or use our PayPal donation option:

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