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Research On Off-Road Cycling


Studies / Research:

IMBA Page for Science and Research

Outdoor Industries Foundation Research Papers
These have allot of data on youth and economics of the outdoor industries

Environmental Impacts of Mountain Biking: Science Review and Best Practices
(or pdf version) -- 2007. By Jeff Marion and Jeremy Wimpey. Originally published in the book Managing Mountain Biking, this article provides an extensive review of scientific studies and best practices.

 A Comparative Study of Impacts to Mountain Bike Trails in Five Common Ecological Regions of the Southwestern U.S. (pdf file) -- 2006. D. White et. al., Journal of Park and Recreation Administration (Volume 24, Number 12) Natural

Resource Impacts of Mountain Biking
or (pdf version) -- 2004. By Gary Sprung. Originally published in the book Trail Solutions, this article provides a summary of scientific studies that compare mountain biking to other forms of trail travel.

Planning and Managing Environmentally Friendly Mountain Bike Trails (7.5MB pdf file) -- 2006. A 60-page guidebook by Shimano, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

The Economics and Benefits of Mountain Biking
(2 MG PDF) --2008. Commissioned in 2008 by Shimano. A limited number of print copies are available; $1 shipping fee for domestic orders, more for international orders.


National Parks work with IMBA

Bush to help open national parks to mountain bikes
By DINA CAPPIELLO – Oct 14, 2008




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