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Monroe County Ellison Parks Master Plan

Ellison Parks Master Plan Update - Ellison, Tryon, Irondequoit Bay East and West, Devils Cove, Wetlands

If you wish to be involved in 5 Year Master Plan
contact Mark Dunn or Mark Rosenzweig,
or fill out the volunteer registration form.


Over the Finish Line – With The Win


Last night the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee met to review the study done for the Shared-Use trail pilot program in Tryon and West Bay Parks. The report  done by EDR was very thorough and the its conclusion was that shared-use trails had no adverse environmental impact and that the trails have had a positive impact for the two parks.
GROC and the efforts of volunteers were recognized by the PAC community with Dave Rinaldo and Larry Staub  stating how much they appreciate GROC's efforts. Many of the opposition were at the meeting but they did not have much to say.  One even got up and spoke very positively about GROC's work. I have to say that that might be one of the best things out of all of this. GROC and volunteers have been positive and inclusive throughout this process. We not only built trails that we want to ride but ones that all trail users enjoy. We set the example for how sustainable trails can improve the experience for all users while minimizing environmental damage.

The question was asked "so what is the process for other parks and shared-use trails?" Larry Staub said that the process for opening other parks' trails for shared-use will include evaluation and study through the master plan process similar to what was done for Tryon and West Bay.

Well believe it or not the pilot program for Tryon Park and West Bay park are finally moving forward. The county has been working through their plan step by step and involving the community in order to make the process as transparent as possible.


GROC PLAN that was submitted to The County Parks Department:

- Trail Development: Process & Standards- PDF

- Proposal for Irondequoit Bay Park West and Tryon Park- PDF

GROC Proposed Trail Maps:


What is the next step?

There will be 2 public workshops held by The Monroe County Parks Department at the parks:

The County Parks Department will conduct the following public Field Workshops:

Tryon Park Field Workshop -- July 27, 2010 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Meet at the new parking lot)

Irondequoit Bay Park West Field Workshop -- August 5, 2010 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Meet at the parking area on Bay Front South, west of the Irondequoit Bay Fish and Game Club)

We need a good turnout of GROC members to show our support for shared-use trails in Monroe County Parks. All are welcome to attend. Please come even if you might be late or cannot stay for the entire workshop. Dress accordingly with proper footwear.



Ellison Park Area Master Plan Update

Please consult the two links below which will show you the consultant's initial draft recommendations for improvements, 10/30/2008



Monroe County Parks and Recreation will start this Fall 2007 and continue through Spring 2008 to update a comprehensive Parks Master Plan for the following parklands: Ellison Park, Ellison Park Wetlands Area, Bay Park East, Bay Park West and Tryon Park. This process will include public input from citizens, residents and user groups. This is a great opportunity for our user group to become involved in the process and advocate for opening up trails, stewardship of the parks, discuss old and new trail options, promote sustainable multiple-use trails and design. This study dove tails perfectly with the Penfield led study of the Irondequoit Creek Corridor as a alternative transportation and recreation corridor. The county has expressed interest in off-road cycling as becoming a large part of this study. Therefore it is extremely important that we have a voice, cohesive message, get involved and communicate our desire as a user group to have access. If you live in Monroe County and want to get involved in this process that can only open doors to further access to our County Park System please click here.






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