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“Why should you stay off adjacent property?”

A volunteer posed this question to a group of city youth participating in the first GROC Singletrack Academy Bike Right Skills Clinic, held at Dryer Road Park on June 8. The children had gathered at the trailhead to review the Rules of the Trail sign. Ten-year-old Marquial Johnson answered quickly.

Because the owner might go into his house, get his gun, and shoot you.”

Marquial’s sober response underscores the importance of this event, which is one of the ways GROC is fulfilling its mission to mentor underprivileged children and promote health and fitness through mountain biking. In partnership with Singletrack Academy and The Community Place of Greater Rochester, GROC volunteers provided instruction, equipment, transportation, and meals to 20 inner city youth, ages 9 to 14.

GROC board member and Singletrack Academy founder Adam Reitz organized the activities, providing basic lessons on bike setup, equipment safety, mounting and dismounting, attack position, turning, and braking. The children participated in multiple skills drills before heading out to Kaleidoscope for their first trail ride. Throughout the day, participants also learned about road and trail safety, rules, and etiquette, as well as stewardship and advocacy.

Another GROC board member, Don Casper, recorded all of the excitement on video. His production company, EPIC10, is producing a mini-documentary which will premiere during Rochester’s 2013 Greentopia Festival. Don will continue filming throughout the summer – since many of the children were awarded scholarships to attend GROC’s annual Singletrack Academy summer program.

In addition to its partners, GROC received support for this event from the Town of Victor Parks & Recreation, the Victor Central School District, and Rochester General Hospital. Funding was provided by the GROC SA sponsors listed below, as well as the Greater Rochester Health Foundation. Additional sponsors and volunteers are always welcome! For more information, contact Adam Reitz at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2013 GROC SA Sponsors and Supporters

  • Community Place of Greater Rochester (and Greater Rochester Health Foundation)
  • Victor Central Schools
  • Victor Parks and Recreation
  • Rochester General Hospital
  • Stan’s NoTubes
  • Bellwether
  • Bike Zone
  • Community Real Estate Group
  • Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport
  • Mac5Bikes
  • Park Ave Bikeshop
  • Rochester Fitness & Cycling
  • RV&E
  • Towpath Bike
  • Tryon Bike
  • Geneva Bicycle Center



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