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Huge Success at Dryer Road Park

Love Your Trails, a Community Work Party, sponsored by Full Moon Vista, on Sunday, on June 26, at Dryer Road Park, was an absolute blow up in terms of attendance, results and fun.  Thanks to all who made it happen, the sponsors, project leaders and coordinators, and most of all, the volunteer workers.  Special thanks always and forever to Brian Emelson, Town of Victor Parks Director for his support—yes, that was him pushing wheelbarrows full of crushed stone—and Jeff Rader, his crew chief, who had brought us the many materials we needed to do our projects.

In spite of stifling heat, 96 degrees, 53 trail lovers did so much to make the trails better for all of us.  We sent out a large crew to do pruning to clear the overgrowth along the trails.  Included in that group were 7 members of Pittsford Mountain Biking Club, proudly wearing their jerseys—looking great, guys!  We had 4 crews working on vital trail projects: building 2 new, super-smooth grade reversals on VHT trail, adding 6 pavers to solve a tricky problem spot on Tree Beard, creating rock gardens in place of cut throughs on Ziggy’s, major de-berming and sand removal on multiple trails including Owl’s Maze, and building up grade reversals on Kasha.

Then, they all came back to the parking lot, where GROC and Full Moon Vista had set up their tents, rocked out sweet tunes on Scott’s sound system and served a well-earned picnic lunch.  They devoured grilled hot dogs, pop, chips, cookies, orange slices and even a homemade Quinoa salad.

Lots of folks still had enough in the tank—energized by lunch apparently— to ride the trails.  Did I mention the heat?  Who knows the humidity and heat index?  Mountain bikers are amazing critters.

This was the first shop-sponsored work party.  We look forward to having 3 more this season – see below for details!


Mark Rosenzweig,

GROC Project Manager at DRP


Love Your Trails Community Work Party Series:

  • July 30th @ Tryon Park - Sponsored by Park Ave Bike


  • August 28th @ Bay Park West - Sponsored by Rochester Fitness & Cycling

  • September 24th @ Ontario County Park – Sponsored by Tryon Bike




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